Monday, August 28, 2017

10 ways to grow your blog

Growing your blog can be a long, hard, and tedious process.  It can also bring joy and happiness to those who have a great passion for what they do.  Here are 10 ways to grow your blog:

1. Write
Get writing!  Write as often as you can and keep it consistent.  The biggest way to keep a blogging community healthy is to keep it fresh and vibrant.  Posting regularly can keep readers knowing when to expect new articles and keep them coming back for more.

If you get questions and comments; respond.  If someone asks for info; reply.  A great way to build a healthy blog is to have readers who comment and become part of the conversation.  Take time to answer questions, and take part in any conversations between readers yourself.

3.  Encourage Interactivity.
Following up on the last point, embrace interactivity with your audience.  Commenting and replying goes a long way, but so can Polls, question and Answer sessions, or top ten posts.  Any way you can use your blog to get your audience engaged will be a great use of a post

4.  Add Pictures
 A great way to inform and attract new readers is to include pictures, diagrams, or charts in any post.  Many readers may be more visual and images can help.  Others might just like an example of what you're talking about.  Either way, images of any sort are a great way to boost readership and traffic to any blog.

5.  Get into RSS
RSS is great way for readers who might not be able to visit the site, or simply cant stay for long to keep up with the happenings on your blog.  If you only post weekly, or even daily, this might not be necessary since catching up can be easy to do.  But if your blog moves fast, this can help readers stay on top of your writing.

6.Guest Bloggers
A great change of pace and style, Guest readers can attract new reader who are familiar with the guest's work or can elevate your blog by showcasing 'experts' or industry-leaders.

7.  Guest on other blogs.
If you have guest Bloggers, why not do the same.  Sometimes writing towards another audience can help you grow your own.  Just remember to tell them where they can find you later.

8. Podcasting
Podcasting can be a neat way to interact with your audience and reach people who might not be into reading blogs.  Podcasts can be downloaded from your blog, Podcasting and Streaming radio sites and on iTunes

9. Email
While this might sound a little outdated, email can still be an effective tool.  Serious inquiries and questions can come through a more private channel like email, and you want to have a way anyone can access your email via your blog.  If you get emails and questions, don't forget to write back!

10. Have contests
Simple:  people love free swag.  Contests can show of your blog and its strong community.  Giving away a $20 iPhone bumper case can net you thousands of inquiries, sign-ups and can lead to bigger deals, bigger contests and even, if your readership is large enough, sponsored contests.

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