Thursday, August 17, 2017

Blogger Layout Week 20: Ethereal I

Our continuing series moves on as we look at a new series of template, called Ethereal.  The first variation is calm, warming, and great for homemade blogs; this week we take on a new template.

Last week, we used the last of the WaterMark series of templates, a template we nicknamed 'Think Pink'.

The template was not unlike the rest of the ‘WaterMark’ series:  the entire series utilized a background with a strong image at the top that fades into a strong color. This makes them eye-catching but once you being scrolling, you can focus on the articles.

This week's template is the first in the Etheral Series.  The template uses a background image to create a visual border, and keeps the articles inline with a specific width.

The template is also very clean, with no visual separation of articles or widgets.  

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