Monday, August 14, 2017

Starting a Blog with Blogger Part 3.2: Your First Blog (The New Way)

Now that you have your blogger account set, you should choose your name for your new blog.  If this is a blog you plan to use, instead of a one-off, or a first try, you should put a lot of thought into its name. Heres how to get started using the updated version of Blogger. 

1. Click "New Blog".

2.  Type in the name of your blog in the blog tittle field.
You can type up to 50 characters.  make it meaningful and memorable.

3.  Decide on what address or URL your blog will have and type it into the Blog Address field.
A URL (uniform resource locator) is also known as the web address.  Readers will type this address into their address bar to get to your blog.  You can use anything that isn't already being used by someone else.  Generally, if it can be the exact same as your blog title, thats a best practise.  Make it the same or similar, and if you intend on making this blog a big deal, make sure its someone that can translate into a .com later on.  You can type up to 35 characters, but no spaces or punctuation.

4. Choose a template.
A template is a simple and quick pre-designed layout which will act as a basic look and style of your blog.  Don't' worry you can change this later.  By default, Blogger selects the Basic layout.  For some examples of Blogger Templates in action, check out our series on Blogger Layouts here.

5.  Now click "Start Posting" and write your first blog entry!

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