Monday, November 27, 2017

How To Add A Link in Blogger

As we discussed before, there are loads of icons you can click on inside Blogger, one deserves a bit of special attention:  the Link button.  Depending on your version of Blogger, this may be a little globe with a chain on it, a little chain on a diagonal, or perhaps just the word 'Link' underlined and in blue.  Use this icon whenever you want to link to another blog, another website, a news story you used as reference, or anything you want 

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If you want to create a link - short for hyperlink - you can click on, follow these easy steps:

1.  Highlight, or select the text you want to use as a link by clicking and dragging.

2.  Click the Link Icon:

3.  Enter the URL of the website or article you want to link to and click 'OK'

Include the full URL of your link in the second field.  A full URL will include the http://.  This may or may not be profiled for you.  A full url will look like this:

and not this:

The easiest way to make sure you have the right link is to go to the webpage you want to link to and copy the URL from the address bar.  On Windows you can press Ctrl + C and then paste with Ctrl + V.  On Mac use Cmd + C to copy and Cmd + V to paste.  

After you click OK, the linked text will turn blue with a line underneath it.  It won't be clickable until you hit the 'Publish' button.  

You can easily create the same link if you know HTML by manually coding it in.  You can do that from the Edit HTML tab.  We won't get more into coding until a little later, but the option is there if you want to do it manually.

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