Monday, January 22, 2018

Post Options and Post Settings

Next to your writing area and just below the Publish button, you will see a drop down menu called "Post Settings".  Clicking the menu brings you a world of options for posting.  Let's get into the good stuff.

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Under Options, you can choose whether you want readers to be able to comment on your blog post by selecting Allow or Don't Allow.

The decision to turn off comments is one you can change any time  (comments are on by default).  If you decide at some point you no longer want to get comments on a particular post, you can always edit the post and turn this option off.

Most of the time, allowing comments are a good thing; part of what makes a blog exciting is the ability to interact with your readers.  However, sometimes, you may write a more controversial post, or write a post you simple don't want to have a discussion - or argument - on.  Sometimes, an entry can become the target of spammers.  Read a bit more about the dark side of comments here.

The other option available is to set the publication date and time of a post.  By default, Blogger sets the publication time and date as the same time and date that the article is physically published.  However, you can change that.

Why would you want to?

Social Reasons:
Let's say you make a post about your friend for their birthday.  You can set the date of publish to their actual birthday.
Perhaps you are blogging when you shouldn't be - say, while at work.  You can set the publish date and time to a period when weren't supposed to be working.

A more popular reason is to work around your schedule when you don't have time.  Perhaps it took longer to write or research, and you'd rather publish it later, or earlier.
If you saved a draft and published it later, you can change the date the reflect the time and date it was written on.

Changing the Date and Time is as easy as typing in the new information in the same format.

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