Monday, January 29, 2018

Viewing Your Blog Posts

After you publish your post, you can see how it looks on your blog.  This is perhaps the most rewarding step for a blogger, and an important one not to skip.  Even though you previewed your blog post before you published it, you haven't really seen it as your readers will see it.  The only way to do that is to log out, open a web browser and head over to your blog and take a look.

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Viewing your own post is an important step for big reason:  the internet isn't perfect.  Between the time you hit 'Publish' and the post showing up on your blog, your computer, your server, or your internet connection could make errors or have a failure.  I always look each post I make every time to make sure it looks right on the page, and that it was meant to look that way.

A big caveat to this is a template change.  In Blogger, templates can effect font, color, and a host of other things that make your blog look good.  If you are prone to changing your blog's look, as we are, you may have a weekly job off checking each post, and perhaps tidying them all up.  This can be a big issue, and one not readily solved.

When you click 'Publish', Blogger should provide you a handy link directly to the post.  

Click 'View Blog' to head over from the composer window to see your work in action.

If you prefer to take the long way, you can always just type in your blog's URL address into a web browser and get to your blog instead of going through the Dashboard.

When you look at your post and blog, make sure the formatting, images, and content looks like you want it to.  Click on any links you added to make sure they all work.  If anything doesn't look or work like you want it to, just head right back into Blogger and give it a quick fix.

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