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    How to use a Blog, Part 2: The Digital Hobbyist

    In much the same way that people gravitate towards other people that have similar interests, readers always look for blogs that tickle their fancy, ones with similar tastes, opinions, or passions.  If a reader has an interest in all things van Gogh, a similarly themed blog will always catch his or her attention.  Whether its NASCAR Racing, Thai Food or Beaches in the greater Vancouver area, everyone has a hobby or passion they want to talk about, and its guaranteed somebody, somewhere, shares that passions and wants to read all about it.>

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    The Hobby / Passion Blog

    Whatever the passion or hobby you like to talk about, consider writing about it in a blog.  Anyone who shares your interest or opinions is a potential reader, and, as someone as enthused about it as you, they will always be looking for more information, whenever and wherever they can find it.

    There are many ways to focus a hobby-driven blog.  You can offer advice, reviews, describe the experiences you've had, make local connections and support community events, or even just plain old talk about it.  The best part of blogging about your passion is the possibility of making connections with like-minded readers.  They share your passions:  Make your readers your friends and find ways to get involved with your hobby.

    Kevin Eck blogs professionally (lucky duck!) about a passion he deeply holds:  Professional Wrestling.  Writing for the Baltimore Sun, Kevin Eck breaks down news, wrestling matches, and the goings-on of the professional wrestling circuit with his blog Ring Posts.  He analyses shows, matches and pay-per-view events, giving opinions, ideas, and entertaining commentary.  And his readers respond.  His July 19th posts analyzing the latest WWE show garnered 68 comments, providing a pool of further comments, opinions, questions and discussion.  

    Blog what you love: Kevin Eck's Ring Posts

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