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    How to use a Blog, Part 3: The Digital Journalist

    In many instances, a blog can become a source of information.  In the same way Journalists have write for papers, they can use blogs to spread the information.  Critics and any one with an opinion have found a way to express it in a blog.  Educators can reach parents, communities can stay in contact, politicians can reach out to voters and celebrities can talk to their fans.  Blogs used for spreading information can be limitless.

    The Information Blog

    The ever-hilarious Today's Big Thing is a daily blog that delivers "the awesomest thing on the Internet, today".  The Blog's writers are dedicated to scouring the inter-webs and finding the best things they can and putting it online.  They have several categories and post once for each, ever day.  Their technology column offers everything from a Macbook being used to cooking Food, to a human sling shot to a posting from Sept 12th, featuring a coffee shop waiter skillfully carrying far more plates that he should be able to, but arranging them geometrically.  Meanwhile, a separate column is entirely dedicated to Cute Animals.  The site is an eclectic mash-up of news, viral videos and entertainment, perfect for the digital prosumer age.

    Another popular information blog is io9, a science-fiction themed blog that features stories on actors, comics, aliens, science and everything in between.  This guide to all things sci-fi keep everyone current about cons, comics, movies, plots, TV shows and anything else under the geeky sun. 

    io9's blogroll keeps current with all things geekdom

    Not every post will be up your alley, but for anyone trying to stay on top of the ever-changing pile of information, blogs like Todays Big Thing and io9 are great places to keep current.
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