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    Things to Think about when you Start a Blog

    When you start you first blog, it can be tempting to just up and write.  Consider writing a book:  no one just starts a finished book.  There's a lot to decide what to write about, and here are some thoughts to consider before you begin your blog.

    1. Pick a topic that will interest you, the Writer.
    Don't just pick a topic to write about because you think it will be a big hit, or get a lot of readers.  You are going to have to write for it, and readers can tell if you're passionate when you write, or if you're just writing:  enthusiasm shines through in any writing.  That passion is what has readers coming back

    2.  Decide what your boundary is.

    Especially important if you are writing a personal blog, you may have to decide what is and isn't off limits.  The Internet is a public forum, and you may not want everyone knowing every detail of your family life, and neither with your family.  Do you really want your potential boss, or even a parent, reading about last night's party antics?    

    3.  Think about your future readers
    Who are your readers?  How can you appeal to readers you have, and the ones you have yet to make.  What do you, as a writer, have to offer, teach, or show them?

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