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    Setting Goals

    As many different ways are there are to write a blog, there are just as many ways to be successful (italic) at writing a blog.  Remember that different blogs have different goals, and these might differ from your goals.  Give yourself some goals and plan to reach them; keep them in the back of your mind as your write.

    A successful blog can be measured in different ways

    Numbers - many blogs will base their success on the numbers they draw - daily or weekly readers, or clicks.  These numbers are the easiest to get excited about, are the most concrete example of success, but can also be the most misleading.  Numbers do not necessarily always translate into return customers.

    Community - for many bloggers, success is defined by the comments and reaction to their posts.  The comments readers leave can be gratify, engaging and even thought provoking.  For some writers, a comment a day can mean success

    Money - for some bloggers, success is defined in dollar signs: breaking even, making it rich, or somewhere in between.  Money can be made through advertisers or subscribers and some blog are designed to make money from the get-go

    Results - Some blogs are designed for a purpose: a charity, a fundraiser or to land a record/book/acting deal.  These people define success as hitting that mark - and make no mistake, many do.

    When you begin to write, sit down and think about your goals.  Writing down these goals can give you a place to return when you feel you've gotten off track, or as a reminder of what your goal is, and how far you are from it.  Whatever your goals, networking to becoming your own network, have a clear, defined goal is the bedrock of any successful plan to be successful.

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