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    What should you Blog About?

    There are Blogs about everything.  If you have never read a blog, the best possible way to find what interests you is to read.  Read papers, magazines, books, and especially Blogs.  Reading blogs are the best way to become familiar with blogs:

    1.  Head over to Technorati

    2.  Type any topic, into the search box.
    As an example, try reading a blog written by someone who shares hobbies you have.  Read blogs written by people who enjoy Snowboarding, Crafts, or Kittens.  Or try and searching for terms that describe what you do.  If you are a Filmmakers, look up 'Camera Styles'.  You can also search for things you might need help with, such as 'How to buy a Kitten' or 'How to Write a Blog'.  But you came to the right place for that last one.

    3.  Hit 'Enter'
    Technorati is a blog search engine.  It returns recent blog posts based on the search criteria.  I searched for one of my passions: Space Travel, and Technorati returns posts by people who dreamed about it, wrote fiction about it, flew bottle rockets as a hobby, or were actively working in the Aeronautics field.  

    4.  Choose a Blog that looks interesting, and read to your hearts delight.
    Read, read,read.

    5.  Repeat.

    There are blog on every topic imaginable, its almost guaranteed you will find something that interests you.  Either personally, professionally, or just as a hobby, I tend to read blogs on any topic, from Portage to the Arts to Technology to Culinary.  There is something out there for every taste.

    The Blog Medium is very well suited to letting readers explore ideas, hobbies, or how-to guides, but don't let that stop you from using blogs to do a myriad of other things.  There are blogs written to talk about Economic and what to expect, the Latest Sports news and results, Sell goods and services, connect Classmates, Gossip, heath journals, or collaborating on projects.  As long as you have passion for your Blog, blogs can be about anything.

    Having that much space to write can often be very daunting, and can sometimes leave you with a blank slate.  staring up at you.  That is part of why blogs succeed:  you can change your topic from one to another and can change your direction, focus or topic at any point.  Blog have been designed to be flexible reading.  

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