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    Blogger Layout Week 16: Introducing Watermark (Beige Birds)

    Blogger Templates
    A full fifteen weeks in, and our series featuring every built in blogger template continues.  Last week we finished the so-called 'Awesome Inc' series and now we enter a 4-week series called 'Watermark'.

    We spent last week dissecting Blogger’s final template in the ‘Awesome Inc’ series – one we nicknamed Neon.  It was simple, neutral and no frills.
    Blogger Template - Awesome Inc Neon
    Last Week's Template

    This week, we start a new series of Templates, called “Watermark’.  Our first week, we focus on using ‘Beige Birds’.

    Blogger Template - Watermark
    Week 16 - Beige Birds

    It’s a basic layout, with different colors differentiating between background and posts.  The background image is how we gave this template its name.

    Join us every Thursday as we discuss and use a new template for Blogger.

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