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    Starting a Blog with Blogger Part 2: New to Google

    To sign up for Blogger, you need a Google account.  Here's how to sign up if you haven't made friendly with the world's largest search engine:

    1.  Head over to www.Blogger.com.

    2.  Click the sign up button on the right hand top corner.

    3.  Enter your Name, an Username, and a Password
    Pick an username carefully as this will be your name across all Google services.

    4. Pick your Birthday, Gender, Location, Mobile Number and Email.
    Mobile numbers and emails will be used incase you need to reset or get access to your account.

    5. Agree to terms and solve the Captcha
    Read these.  No one does and they're actually important.

    6.  Put a Face on it
    Google will give you some information and an overview of your profile.

    7.  Welcome!
    A Welcome message, a confirmation email and a quick link to your account are all you need.  Now get Blogging!

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