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    How To Change Publishing Settings in Blogger

    The Publishing settings tab of your Blogger dashboard might be shorter on options, but it sure packs some power.  One of the most important settings here is the Blog Address setting.  If you are not happy with your Web Address (or URL) for your Blog, you can change it here.


    Why Would I Want To Change My Blog Address?

    For example, imagine you started a blog for your newly born kitten, and called it 'My New Kitten, Professor FuzzyBoots'.  Some years later, your little kitten is now a fully grown cat.  You might want to change both the name of your blog and the location.

    The Name change has to be made in the Basic Settings tab, which we talked about here.  You can use the 'Publishing' tab to change your blog's location.

    You can change the URL from, for example, this:


    to this


    You can only change your address to one that isn't already being used but another Blogger blog, so it might take a few tries to find something you like.

    Blogger also has a great tool that lets you export your blog as HTML pages to your own Web Server so you can display them as part of a different Blogging software.  To set up Blogger to do this, look for some information about getting started on the Publishing Tab.

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