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    How To Make Formatting Changes in Blogger

    On the Formatting tab in Blogger's Dashboard, you can customize how your blog is presented:  everything from the format of the time and date to the number of posts on your home page.  You can even change the language of the blog.

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    One of the most under-appreciated settings here is the Post Template setting near the bottom of the page.  Most blogs follow a similar format.  For example, if you want to write a blog that reviews movies, you might follow a similar format for ever review, using the name of the movie, director, lead actors, then the main review, followed by a rating.  No matter what the movie is, you want to follow the same format and use the same type of information for every blog post.

    The Post Template setting allows you to set up a standard HTML code that will automatically format your blog posts.  After you set up a Post Template, every time you start a new post, this block of HTML code will be automatically placed in the entry and formatting your blog post is now as easy as filling in the information in the right spots.

    It's hard to go into specifics here, because I can't tell what kind of blog you want to write - and this feature can be used in more than a thousand different ways.  The process of using the Post Template settings simple and goes like this:

    1.  From the Dashboard, click Settings.
    This will take you directly to the Basic Settings tab.

    2.  Click the 'Posts, Comments and Sharing Settings tab.
    This is usually the second tab from the top

    3.  Under the Posts heading, where it says "Post Template", click 'Add'.

    4.  Type in or paste any text or code you want to use in every blog post into the field.

    5.  Click the orange 'Save Settings' button at the top of the page.

    Blogger will reload the screen and confirm your changes were saved.

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