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    Making Permission Changes in Blogger

    On the Permissions tab of the Blogger Dashboard, you can add addition authors to your blog.  You can add contributors to your blog, turning it from a personal, one-person show, to a group effort.  To add another person as a contributor, you simply need that person's email.  If the person you are adding to the blog has either a Blogger or Google+ account, it's best to use that address, so all of their Blogger or Google+ account services are linked together in one place.

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    To add an author to Blogger:

    1.  From the Dashboard, click Settings link for the Blog you was to alter.
    This will take you directly to the Basic Settings Tab.

    2. Inside Basic Settings, scroll down to the Permissions section in the Settings.

    3.  Click the 'Add Author' button.
    A field will open up for adding e-mail addresses.

    4. Type or Paste the e-mail address(es) or any authors you want to invite to post on your blog into this field.

    5. Click Invite.
    Blogger will reload, and display your new information for invited authors.

    You can also decide here about who you want to read your blog.  You can choose to let anyone read it, or restrict viewers to only people you or other authors invite to the blog.  If you want to blog only for family and friends, use the Permissions tab to invite them as readers, and anyone else is blocked from even seeing the blog - much less leaving comments.

    From the Permission tab, you can select who can view your blog in the 'Blog Readers' section, by choosing between 'Anybody', 'Only People I Choose', or 'Only Blog Authors'.  We talked a little more about who you want to have access and why about a week ago, and you can read that here

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