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    Blogger Layout Week 53: A Look Back

    It took us 52 weeks.  A year.  We used every single variation of template that Blogger has to offer.  They had features and options and all kinds of layouts we never even knew we could want.  We've gone from basic to beauty and back and we're here to recap it all.

    /READ MORE// TAOB's New Timetable

    This was week one.  We had just started blogging, having just opened a blog for everyone to hear and see and read:

    We really liked it.  We thought it was the best layout ever.

    And this was 52 weeks later.

    A lot different.  More pages, more options, ads, sharing, all kinds of stuff has happened since.

    We're not stopping here though.  We're on the lookout for the best Blogger templates.  Know where we can find any?  Let us know in the comments below and we'll use your suggestion in a future post.

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