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    If you put something on your blog ANYONE can read it.  Blogs, like all websites, are part of the internet and can be read by anyone from anywhere in the world, at any time.  If someone has a
    computer and can read in the language you are writing in, they can read your blog.

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    A slight note about the semi-warning above:  as we talked about before, most Blogging software has a way to allow privacy settings or passwords to protect it's contents so it's not public.  If you are using these options, your blog will have a bit more privacy.

    Anyway, like all websites, blog posts can be read, and therefor printed out on paper, duplicated and copied, faxed, and made physical in the real world.  Any reader of your blog can copy and paste anything you write and send it to friends or email it to coworkers in the blink of an eye.  That's the pros and cons of the Internet.

    You can't know for sure who is reading your blog, or why they want to read it, or what they would do with any information or ideas you post.  

    More than one Blogger friend of ours has quipped 'My only readers are family or friends' or 'I don't really worry about what I write, not many people will read it'. True, your family and friends might well be reading - I hope they are! - but they are not the only readers out there.  Don't make the mistake of thinking you know who is and isn't reading your blog.  It's not that your readers aren't 'family and friends', but you can never know for sure.

    Some blogs are hosted by sites that require you to register in order to use them - Myspace for example - and therefor will have a smaller potential audience.  Those blogs usually can't be read by just anyone on the internet and require any readers to also have registered an account.  These sort of set-ups might be a little bit more private, but generally the barrier to access is pretty low - just supply a username and an email.  These blogs might as well be public - and to hackers, these barriers will not stop them at all.

    In some rare cases, an entire blog CAN be password protected, and reading it requires that any visitor must know the login information - otherwise the site is private.  

    It is more or less our duty as Blogging professionals giving out advice and information to stress the follow point:  you SHOULD NOT post anything on your blog that you would not want everyone in the world to read, and that includes your BBF, SO, mother, father, boss, co-worker, government officials, landlord, tenants, neighbours etc etc etc.

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