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    Blogger Layout Week 56: Viral Pro

    We've been using Rareti, a nice simple Blogger template.  We took some time to think about it, and we decided, as good as it is, it needs some more imagery.  Simple, but with some features.  Is there anything out there?

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    This was last week:

    We wanted a more obvious post section and bigger images.  We went back to BTemplates.com for our second look and started used Viral Pro

    It's still minimalist, but we get more pics on posts back, which makes the site look a lot better.

    Viral Pro is free, and like all Blogger templates adapted from Wordpress has a few limitations to it.  We DO get a sidebar and another column.  It's SEO friendly and has social media icons right on the front page.  I think I'm in love.

    You can download Viral Pro here

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