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    Beginners Guide to Facebook, Part Four: Posting

    Alright, you've set up your Facebook account and you are all rearing to go, but what should you post about?  And when?  And how often? Well, here are some things to consider:

    Let's talk about Style.

    Twitter limits the number of characters you can use to 140.  Facebook, however, lets you write much longer articles - so make the most of it.  With a bigger character limit you should make sure your business profile is alive, vibrant, interesting, enthusiastic and above all else authentic.  Consider your target audience: what would they like to see?

    Experiment with different types of posts - questions, comments, discussions, polls etc.  Your objective is to get people talking.  Beyond that, it's a good idea to use images to make your post stand out (use a PNG or JPEG) and make sure you add your own logo to it.

    Content is King

    Before you start out posting content, consider your perfect customers: what do they all have in common?  Are they all the same age? Where do they live? How can your business help them?

    Create a place for them to chat, because if you don't, another business will!

    Clients or customers will want to see how others have benefitted from your services/products, so, if your clients are happy with the work you and your company have done for them, ask them to post a few lines and/or write a few words.

    Always think about the reason behind any post your make, and consider what action you want to get out of the user or reader.

    As opposed to Twitter, its not a good practice to repeat content on Facebook.

    How Often is Often?

    You should ideally post at least 1 article a week.  This would preferably be more, but keep it consistent.  It won't look great if you post several articles every day for a week, and then nothing for about 2 months.  You should also link your Facebook Page to your blog or website, so every time you post on your blog or site, it will automatically share to your Facebook Page.

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