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    Introduction to Facebook

    Facebook connects you with the people you know and the ones you know best.  It's a platform that lets you communicate with them, stay up to date with them and keep in touch when your friends and family are far away.  It makes online relationships better, and tells you how to bring that into the real world.  It is also a digital passport to the world of the internet.

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    Facebook connects you with the people you know in the real world and fills your timeline with content that is important to you.  If you a photography-bug, an art lover, a reader or a writer, Facebook has designed it's platform to do all of that with your friends.  Perhaps you like to share news or informations, fun articles or websites, play games, plan big or small events, promote your business -

     whatever you like to do, Facebook has you covered.

    Facebook also gives you control over your world.  Information and communicating it are powerful things when you have full control over the medium.  Every piece of information or way of connecting on Facebook comes with privacy controls, letting you choose how - and with who - you communicate and share.

    Facebook is open for everyone: students, businesspeople, the elderly, the parents, the children - provided they are at least 13).  It's a platform open to busy people, slackers, celebrities, businesses, distant friends, everyone.  No matter who you are, using Facebook can be a positive boon to your life - both digital and otherwise.

    Let's get started.

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