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    Starting a Blog

    So you've made the dive and decided to
    start blogging.  Part of the reason blogs are so popular is how easily and quickly you can get set up and writing.  Critics of blogs blame the ease of blogging as the reason many blogs are self-indulgent and self-aggrandizing.  Fans of blogs say this is the reason blogs are so great; everyone can have a voice.  This article will get you set up and going in no time flat.

    The first question to ask yourself is 'what KIND of software should I use?'  Many writers, regardless of type, genre, or software, like to start a 'test' blog, where they can test drive the software and UI.  

    There are two main kinds of Blog Software.

    Hosted blog software is a blogging software that exists on a web-server of a company to provide blogging services to writers.  When you use this software, you use the company's web-server to post your writings and the company provides you with a web address.  You don't need anything that a Website would require to get starter: a domain name, HTML or FTP software, or paying for hosting.  

    And to top it off many Hosted Blog solutions are free.  

    Others are free for a 'basic' level of blogging, you may have to pay some money for upgrades or little odds and ends.

    The alternative to hosted blogging services is a server-based blog, 

    which you install on a web-server yourself.  Most writers and companies, once they become professional, go this route, as it gives them more finesse and fine-tuning of how their blogs looks and acts.  

    There are pros and cons to each, and this blog is currently run on Blogger, one of the oldest and most popular services. 

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