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    Blog Basics: What Is A Blog?

    The word blog has become so ubiquitous when talking about writing on the Internet, that unless you have been living in a cave you've heard this word thrown around.  The word Blog has become a huge part of the media.  In fact, blogs have become a big deal in journalism circles, as newspapers and magazines try to find new way to connect with their readers.  

    And in turn, Bloggers, people who write blogs, are finding themselves showing up more often as commentators, experts on this news, and even the story itself.  You might even know someone who writes for a blog, or work for a company who has a blog for business purposes. 

    So what is a blog, exactly? 

    Actually, blog is short for weblog and it’s exactly what it sounds like.  Exactly what you expect a log on the web to be like, a Blog is series of articles that gets chronologically ordered, so the newest article is the top story.  If that sounds somewhat like an Internet diary, you're not far off.  In fact, some blogs are just that:  personal diaries, and many blogs have other similarities - from using 'friends' to a more casual style of writing.

    So, can anyone write a blog?

    Hell yes.

    In fact, this blog is designed to teach anyone the basics of blogging (the act of writing and maintaining a blog).  You can get tips, hints, tricks and even ideas so you can start your own blog and join the blogosphere.

    Wait.  What the heck is a blogo-mo-sphere?

    It’s the community of blogs and bloggers on the Internet.  It’s all those people who write and all the things they write about.  It’s a digital newsstand, an independent magazine shop and a forum for sharing ideas all in one. 

    If any of those ticks any boxes or tickles your fancy but you don't quite know how to get there…. you’ve come to the right place. 

    Welcome to the Bloggers Ball. 

    For the latest blogging and writing ideas follow us on 
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