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    Welcome to The Art of Blogging

    When we began Blogging, we began by jumping in head first.  We had no idea what we were really doing, and we had to learn by doing — and often by failing.  We began with some free domains and templates, and have grown into a brand.  As we've grown, we lost sight of some projects: such as this blog, one of our first endeavours.  The Art of Blogging was a way to learn along while doing: write as we did.  It is now more than that, and we're proud to be here.  We are Human Element, This is the Art of Blogging, and we're here to help.

    Make your blog look and act its best

    The Art of Blogging actually started almost 3 years ago, as a test bed for ideas, and templates, a thought-stream that let us learn as we grew, and write about what we were doing to the site.  Its grown past that, but was put on the back-burner for some bigger projects such as Ions, our vision-of-the-future portal.  We were college buddies and now we're getting older. Art of Blogging is getting a renewed focus this new year, and we have a lot to talk about.

    Blogging has changed so much in the past 10, 5, even 1 year ago.  

    From flashy gifs and HTML, to Blogger posts and into the world of SEO, Wordpress and Social Media.  The world and Internet are ever-changing places, and this is how we connect, collaborate and create on them.

    We launch Art of Blogging today as a part of a bigger whole: we're going to leave it running on blogger, and it's going to focus on Blogging and specifically Blogger.  Its also part of our New Digital Lifestyle magazine, focusing on blogger, Wordpress and more, pulling from various sources of ours to create itself.  

    This is a portal for everything Blogger.

    We are here with tips, tricks, templates, tutorials and more to help our fellow bloggers out there, and we are happy to finally have it join our Human Element family

    For the latest tech and science stories follow us on
    Twitter @TAOBlogging and on Facebook

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