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    Blogger Layout Week 12: Awesome Inc, (Orange Haze)

    Design and layout have a lot to do with how many readers visit and stay on your blog.  Blogger has made having a good-looking blog easy, with its built in templates and this is week 11 of Blogger Templates, and we’re still looking at Awesome Inc.

    Last time, The Art of Blogging used the second of Blogger's built-in 'Awesome Inc' Series. Last week's 'White' had many strong points going for it: a solid, neutral background, and a black font that stuck out.  The features used were minimum - limited to only a Blog Archive drop down, and a Followers Box.

    Awesome Inc White

    This week we move to a little more of a fun look, great for personal blogs, or diary-styled entries.  The layout is the same, but a striking bold colour choice makes all the difference.  Orange is the name of the game here, and its in the background, the font, the text, you name it.  

    A subtle but great design change lies in the date of each post.  Instead of being an afterthought, or a simple header, Awesome Inc Orange provides the date of each post as a word bubble or word box. 

    Join us every Thursday as we take on a new look and a new blogger template.

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