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    Blogs are often thought of as being poorly written.  Full of grammatical errors, misspelt words and a general dislike for complete sentences.  Just as most criticisms have some truth in their core, the same can be said for the badly-written blog.  Many blogs out there are written very casually, without proofreading or spellchecking.

    For many blogs, this casual style is part of their draw:  a casual, conversational tone is accessible, welcoming, and friendly.

    While writing casually is part of the game, this is no excuse for ignoring the basic rules of the written word.  Blogs that come off as well-written and grammatically accurate are just as likely to gain traction as those that are not - and in some cases perhaps more likely.

    If you desire to become a true professional blogger, don't even consider not utilizing proper grammar and spelling.  Readers will scoff and the comments will be full of those pointing out the obvious error.

    This line between casual and professional can be hard to walk.  It is important to take time to consider your audience and how they will react to your style of writing.  Develop your 'voice' into a style that can be casual, personal and conversational while still being professional, well-written and grammatically correct.  You can be well-spoken and still be personable.

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