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    It is important to commit to writing for your blog often.  Well, how often is often?

    For some, this may mean writing every day.  For others, maybe 5 times a day.  It might even mean weekly to some.  Part of the joy of having your own blog means its there when you want to write:  it wont fill every waking hour with work, and yet you'll still be able to maintain a balance.  Find your balance, but keep committed:  you'll want to post often enough that readers will stay interested.

    An old blogger's trick is to write ahead when inspiration hits you.  These extra posts can be written days in advance, and even set to post ahead of time.  These are great ways to account for taking a vacation, being sick or unable to write, or just having writers block - which happens to the best of writers.

    When you write and schedule a post ahead of time, you can spend your week in europe while your audience continues getting the latest blog posts.

    While its important to post frequently, its also important to set a pace:  your new blog may give you tons of ideas in the first few months, but those ideas may dry up come next year.  Pace yourself, keep yourself focused and dedicated and your new blog will keep audiences entertained for as long as you want to write.

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