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    Blogger Layout Week 13: Awesome Inc, IV

    How your blog looks has a huge impact on how many people visit your site, and how long they stay.  Blogger has made having a good-looking blog easy, with its built in templates and this is week 13 of Blogger Templates, and we’re continuing our look at Blogger's series of templates called Awesome Inc.

    Last time, The Art of Blogging used the third of Blogger's built-in 'Awesome Inc' Series. Last week's 'Orange Haze' had going for it.  It was strong, bold, colours, posts that stood out, and great pop-up date boxes for each post.  

    This week we change our blog, and look at, and utilize Awesome Inc IV.  This template, while maintaining all the same features and layout, a few simple tweaks make it look stunningly professional.  A neutral background and complimenting font colors are a stark difference from the Orange of last week, and the overwhelming look is simplistic:  simple windows for posts, with dates built in, and a few other windows for other add-ons on the side.

    Join us every Thursday as we take on a new look and a new blogger template.

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