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    Blogger Layout Week 54: Nordic

    We went looking for a simple, minimalist template that would give us fewer options, and we certainly found one.

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    This was last week:

    We wanted simple.

    Our friends over at BTemplates.com were super helpful and had tons of options for us to pick from.

    Our new template is called Nordic

    Minimalist to a T.  No picture, no color, nothing to get in the way.  It's almost too minimalist.

    Nordic is, firstly, free.  It's been adapted from a Wordpress template of the same name, but some of the limitations from Blogger come with it.  It's a single column, meaning you don't get many choices on content:  It's header, body of posts and then the footer.  Thats it.  It comes SEO friendly out of the box with social icons built-in.  It's clean, simply, minimalist, and probably suited best for a personal diary type blog or one about art and crafts

    You can download Nordic here

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